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JNA Network is a state of mind. A creative place which hides in the back of your mind. We are

It was established in the beginning of 2006 by an 18 year old guy in the form of a blog. The Boy Meets World was original called “Joey’s World”, which started to grow fast enough to have the motivation to change the name and we started to take writing more seriously. A couple of weeks later “Joey News Agency”, a daily based news website was born, which at the beginning was focused to critics. A little bit later the website started to take shape and it we chose a path which we never left ever since.

In the early years it wasn’t more than just a popular blog about television specialized to the Hungarian and US field. Later on it became a defining part of the Hungarian dubbing critics' site. Because of the spirit and the writing style, JNA grew out it’s old place and joined Hungary's biggest website about dubbing. There we became more recognized by the profession.

Also since 2010 the website stopped being just a blog with good stuff on it. It started to become a professional magazine with various topics every day. The JNA also provides sneak peaks of the secrets of dubbing studios and the life behind the mics. In our exclusive behind the scenes articles, interviews we explore the industry and we try to make it more popular among the people we are doing it for. It was our biggest goal what we achieved. We also made a 20 minutes web documentary in 2013.

2011 was another important year in the history of the magazine. At the top of our popularity we decided to join the newest craze and became Hungary's first ever podcast show about television. In this weekly one hour show Joey (the founder of the JNA) and his co-host buddy, Luke (who wants to be an award-winning translator) sit down to talk about the most important news of the week, their favorite episodes of the period and they have a fun conversation about things what they normally don’t have time to do. The main goal of this show is to be as entertaining as possible. During the first four seasons of “JNA: brandnew Voice” we made more than 150 episodes, and launched other shows like the short-lived “Pick” and “JumpCut”, and an ongoing english show, “Rock. Girls. Whatever!”.

In the summer of 2015 we take the JNA a step further. It’s not just a magazine anymore. It’s not just a podcast anymore. It’s Superman! Just kidding, but it’s a supernew way of entertainment. We will launch brand-new series made by us in English. We will tell stories like no one ever did before. In the “Live it. Love it. Own it.” campaign we are focusing to people and their personal experiences with life, from the silliest thing to the biggest truth behind their personalities.

Oh, and yes, there is one more thing. In the fall we will introduce a brand new look on our website.

JNA Network is a journey, an experiment to find a way where entertainment and storytelling can collaborate. Our goal is to provide the most interesting informations to our viewers and audience in a way only we can. Honesty and enthusiasm are our mantras. At the JNA Network Your opinion is the most important thing for us! So if you are interested in Us in any way, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook. And never forget the golden rule… You know, what I'm talking about.

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