Bitten 3x01. RECAP

Everyone has a guilty pleasure or a secret favorite series, right? Mine is the Canadian Bitten, which originally based on Kelley Armstrong's 13 part book series, but not anymore! From it's brand new and unfortunatelly last season the series is walking on its own path and discovering stories and feelings by its own. After the season premiere the only thing I have left to say is this: Hallelujah!

Sometimes I wonder why I love desperately this series. It's because you know the actors are having the time of their lives on set or because they are so passionate about the show it's screaming to you from the screen or is it because the writers developed their skill set to the killer level? It's clear from the start that the first season wasn't that good. It just didn't ring the bell. It was a good 13 episode run with a lot of love triangles and other important questiosn raised and I enjoyed to watch it, but there wasn't anything special in it - except the concept. Bitten is about the world's first and only female werevolf. And by season 2 they must did a writer training or some kind of workshop, because they way of storytelling changed big time.

The second season was incredible. Finally it wasn't just watching the actors playing kick-ass roles, it was a 10 episode run that made you bite your wolf nails. The storyline worked perfectly, they brought new allies and enemies in the picture, the stake is raised and Elena has the chance to do what they couldn't do in the first season. No matter how scary it was when they brough the witches into the picture they used them in the right way and they became part of our family. We started to care about them, just like we do with our wolves. The symbiosis between the Pack and the Coven is something what I really enjoyed watching last year. There was dynamic and spirit which gave a better taste to the series.

Revenge was always the oil in this show. Everything what ever happened was because of this feeling. This little motor became the heart of the show and somehow brought new life to it. Feelings made the second season stand out from the other series. Because let's face it, there are no other series like Bitten, that's why we want to keep it alive. Epecially not that last season. Season 2 was dangerous, badass and it hurt us in so many way. But that's enough about the past, let's face with the present.

Laura Vandervoort always was a good actress. But now she's great! And I'm not saying this because I'm a fan of her since Instant Star. I'm saying this because of her opening scene. Her performance was more than just amazing. It was full with life, pain and fear. She made me forget she's an actress. In that scene I saw only Elena. The strong werevolf who has more to care than anyone ever should. Her look was so deep and sinister and her eyes spoke loud and clear. I had to rewind three times this scene, it completely enchanted me. All the well written lines were completely unnecesary there. She grew a lot on this show and it's really fascinating watching her on this journey. 

This opening scene is 7 months away from the moment where our third season kicks off. Jeremy is angry because during the past 23 episode he lost more than half of his Pack and his teritory was attacked too many times. He decide it's time to raise and during this process no matter what they need to do they gonna have to do. Even if not everyone will always agree with him. He needs to show he is still the Alpha who everyone should be scared of. And this element raised my favorite conflict of the series.

Elena vs Jeremy. This will be the main conflict in this season and it's freakin' awesome. The differences are so clear. While Jeremy can't see from his wrath Elena starts questioning his moves. They haven't got into a big fight during the premiere, but it's clear it's gonna happen. It has to happen. They want to go into different directions and that's never a good sign. Elena wants to leave with Clay and start their own family, but Clay is pretty sure that's not something what Jeremy will let them do. But he convince thes first werewolf lady to stay a little bit longer, for one more mission.

This is clearly the strongest point of the season premiere. Did I mentione the writers learnt to write strong dialogues and scenes?Because we haven't got a chance to see any sex or naked scene with anyone - except that two times when Clay took of his shirt. I'm pretty sure it's in his contract and that's the only reason. And to say this will hurt me a lot, but the show was better without those elements. Why? - you're asking. Because sex and naked bodies are just the "instrumenst" to play on the strings of feelings. But that's not the part which makes the music. Oh so not. It's just something what always good to see, it adds a lot visually. Let's say that's the dress on the musician. Important, but not everything. To make feelings you need to write great scenes with dialogues and you gonna need actors like this show to transmit them to the audience. And that's when the magic happens.

I stopped counting how many characters we lost on this show - obviously less than what we did on the first season of the 100 (22, if I'm correct). But there is no season premiere without victims. This time it's Joey who says goodbye to us. And when he dies all hell breaks loose! That's just the perfect ammount of oil which pisses off Jeremy big time and an amazing hunting against deadshot kicks off. When they catch him the torture starts. And it's disgusting. Bitten is keep going on this dark and bad road what we love so much to watch. 

We shouldn't forget about Rachel either. She's still alive and she's still under protection by the Pack. It's almost like the FBI witness protection programme. Without guards everywhere. I assume. She has a complete life till she's dealing with her loss and then... Till then Nick's visiting her and helping her out when he can. It was a really cute, sad and uplifting scene. To be honest, I never really enjoyed this storyline, especially not without Logan, but this scene gave me some kind of Hope. And of course, in a way we needed this scene for other reasons as well. For example because when Elena wanted to visit her Jeremy didn't let her and this was just some extra oil to the fire.

Oh, fire. The season premiere introduce us to a new character. Actually more than just one, but one is particularly important. This guy is living in the middle of the forest somewhere over there. He knows about werewolves and he feels them. Of course, if he think someone wants to attack him, he moves in fast and tortures the guy. Another amazing angry scene. Why? Who is this guy, why we should care about him? And we need to wait till we get an answer in the last scene of the episode. What an answer! Who did see this twist coming?

The third season of Bitten had a strong start and took advantage of the previous season's best storyline while opened its new path. I like the feeling of the direction the show might will go and definitely can't wait to see more from this season's big war or enemy. My intuition says, just wait. This was nothing. What's next for Elena? And the more important question, is there anyone out there who want to save this show besides its fanbase?

GRADE: A- (10/7)

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